An uncomplicated and an effortless software to help the restaurateur switch between the two format of a Fixed Price Bar and a Bar Exchange whenever he wants. A fixed pricing of the bar items would be there in the Bar Tabs module. Whereas, in the Bar Exchange format, the liquor prices are based on customer demand for the spirits, wine, beer and other non-alcoholic drinks.

Benefits of bar tabs in your business


A bar tab is undoubtedly the best way to go for your customers-it means less change in their pocket, less cluttered receipts, and the guarantee of being able to get a drink. But bar tab management is a plus for your business, too.


Running bar tabs lets you process multiple orders with the touch of a button. You'll spend less time fussing around with cash or cards and won't have to open and close the till so much.


You'll get a better insight into your customers, as all food and drink orders are consolidated into one account.


It's widely known that customers who open a bar tab tend to have a higher spend rate for the night, too. If you make opening a bar tab easier than paying with cash, you open the door to increased customer spend and greater profits.

Bar Exchange Management

Why Bar Exchange Management Is Important For Your Business

The Drink Exchange is a Stock Market pricing system designed to increase profit,attract patrons and creating an exciting and dynamic environment.

It's easy , just purchase a drink featured on the TV display & watch the prices change !

The bar owner has complete control over the pricing parameters .



Synchronized with POS

The overall management of billing and ordering can be monitored and analyzed in POS where you need not worry about the billing. Automatic bill synchronization in the POS.


Happy Hour

Easily create a Special Price Schedule, or multiples of, to give your customers specials throughout the day, that repeats each day for the week, a day or only an hour.


Stock Exchange Conditions

The Stock Exchange allows you set the prices fluctuations of certain items you want to sell with minimum and maximum selling values. As items are sold more than others, the price of the item increases while the items that are not selling so much decrease in price.


Bar Products

You can fix per item prices, what is the lowest and the highest selling price for the each item sold at Bar.


Reports & Analytics

The choice of formats is solely yours. You get to choose whether you want to opt for a Bar tab pricing or a Bar exchange algorithm.


Location Based

Our application is developed in a manner that makes it location optimized. This means that the order will only be placed if the customer is actually present at the venue. This will prevent you from accepting fake or dummy orders.


Crash Market

Based on frequency of order and the time periods within which different customers place orders, the demand of a particular spirit, wine or beer grows or declines and the prices go up or down.


Stock Management

create amazing campaigns and multiple-platform based campaigns for affective interaction between your customer, your business and the world.


Online Ordering

User can place the orders from the Mink Foodie Application along with entering their Table number for order confirmation and on completion of order, the user can also request for bill split between his friends for payment and pay through Cash or Online payment methods.

Steps To Use


To place an order, all you have to do is search the restaurant you are at on our Mink Foodie mobile Application.


Place your order from the given menu and Voila- your order will be served to you!

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