Track guests and stay up-to-date with preferences and diner history. Whether it's in your restaurant or your marketing, we help restaurants provide the best experience possible.

Why Mink Foodiee CRM?



Gather Feedback and responses in real-time from various customer touch points and communications funnels.


Review and act

Skim through your client interactions in all formats and take the most quickest and affective action.



Get key and exclusive insights by our platforms which will give new perspective and help you recognise new trends and points of attention of your customers.



Review your team’s performance and how well they are able to navigate through crucial conversations.



create amazing campaigns and multiple-platform based campaigns for affective interaction between your customer, your business and the world.

What is the core of Mink Foodiee CRM?

Mink Foodiee CRM has taken time-tested and effective Customer psychology and urban management techniques, lead and directed with the latest technology and engagement tools.


Organise, track and nurture leads as well as customers

Pipeline transparency for efficiency and obstacle recognition

Activity tracking with vital benchmarking for maintaining standards

Lead history tracking and review for optimisation

Effective activity combinations for increased productivity.

Benefits CRM offers

CRM: Grow Your Diner Database


Grow A bigger Customer List

Automatically add online bookings to your database and easily add and sort new entries. Import your existing database in seconds.


Enable Better Marketing

Use the data that comes from restaurant CRM to plan and execute better marketing compaigns.


Personalized Hospitality

Provide a personalized experience by knowing diner history, notes and preferences.

Benefits CRM

Focus on loyalty,
Retain More Customers

Repeat customers are a crucial revenue stream for many restaurants. Through better customer service and marketing with Mink Foodiee, restaurants are retaining more diners over the long term.

Automate Marketing

Engage your target audience by sending them relevant messages / deals or just delight them on their special days like anniversaries, birthdays etc.


How it Works

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