Manage Food Court and Canteens with MULTIPLE COUNTERS


Prepaid Debit Card Software for Malls, IT Parks, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Canteens, Night Clubs, Water Parks and Corporate Cafetarias.


  • Customers obtain a rechargeable card at the entrance.
  • Customer hands over the card to place an order.
  • The server swipe the card and serves the order.
  • The sale amount is instantly deducted from the card balance.
  • The customer can recharge the card as and when required.

Prepaid Cards are easy to use and keep sale
counters organized


  • Cash transaction are limited to only Recharge Counters.
  • Customer is relieved from managing cash on each Bill.
  • Card Balance Refund , Security can be customized.
  • The customer can recharge the card with Cash, Credit Card & Coupon.
  • Detailed reports on sale , issue , recharge and refund.

Unique Features

  • Save food order in case of Insufficient card balance.
  • User interface is attractive,easy to learn & functional beyond comparison.
  • Fastest , Reliable and accurate bill operation.
  • Kitchen display System for pending order status.

Allow Guest to know on their Mobile that their food order is ready

  • Can pick up order from the counter without waiting in line.
  • No crowded entrance or long waiting line on counters.
  • No looking for patrons or shouting out names during peak hours.
  • Serve your orders at the proper temperature every time.
  • No more Broken Pagers or Buzzers by customers.
  • Thank guests and automatically build a text marketing list.
  • Guests can place order at different counters simultaneously and go outside.

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