Keep a tight control on the daily consumption by viewing the Variance Reports. Forecast sales and the raw material consumption based on the data.




Reports quickly calculate pouring cost percentages, variances, consumption, overstocking and other essential metrics so you can discover your losses.

Kitchen Store

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Kitchen Store

you can create purchase orders, backorders and transfer In/Out to another stores

Bar Store

Baar Store
Baar Store

Bar Store

Manage your Bar Inventory with ease & control Costs with Mink Foodiee Inventory

Inventory Benefits


Inventory Tracking

Restaurant Inventory Management System helps you keep a tight control on the Stock and works to prevent wastage and theft and Keep a clear track of the current Stock at your Outlets.


Central Kitchen Management

Create Purchase Orders for each outlet and manage the circulation of the Stock and Manage the overall circulation of raw materials from the Base Kitchen to the various outlets with ease through Central Kitchen Management


Raw Material Management

Set re-order levels for each item in the Inventory. You can set alerts that remind you to order for more when the item stock reaches the re-order level.


Recipe Management

Centralized Recipe Management allows you to update the recipes across all your outlets instantly, thus providing the same consistency in quality and standards.


Multi Store Management

Manage your outlets by receiving their Stock requirements automatically. View Purchase Orders and order for more Stock based on their requirements.


Report & Analysis

Keep a tight control on the daily consumption by viewing the Variance Reports. Forecast sales and the raw material consumption based on the data.



Create roles and permissions for each task, thus eliminating the scope of internal thefts.


Stock Management

Keep track of every unit with our powerful stock management, order fulfillment, and control your inventory .


Supplier Management

Set delivery days, cut-off times and get order reminders and get alerts and track shorts, subs, and billing irregularities.


Stock Disbursement

Here you can manage the ledgers to determine how much stock is disbursed, and they track its use to determine utilization ratios.


Stock Utilized Report

Get Low inventory alerts and Profitability and usage reports to track the stock utilization.


Wastage Report

Setting recipe quantities allows you to minimize waste, increase quality control and track variances.


Product Cost report

Plan and budget menu items, ingredients and preparations and know your most and least profitable items.


Automatic Purchase Orders

Get low-stock alerts and pre-filled purchase orders drafts with suggested order quantities and supplier information.


POS linked Consumptions

Mink Foodiee inventory management system is integrated with the POS, so you can view sales reports alongside food cost reports and switch between different menu types


Stock Transfer tracking

Manage stock transfer tracking effectively with year-over-year reporting and Increase efficiency and decrease dead inventory


RFID/Barcode Ready Inventory

Link bar codes to delivered items for quick inventory calculations and updates & Count inventory items using bar codes scanning.

Feature List



Automated Code Generation (Raw Material, Supplier & Document Number)

Stock in Hand at any time

Purchase Order Generation

Indent Generation for purchase materials

Goods Receiving Note(GRN)

Issues to different Departments/Kitchen

Transfer In/Out to another stores


Store Ledger(details of materials in stock

Cumulative Purchase/Issue Detail Reports

Party Wise Purchase Reports

Reorder Reports

KItchen Controls

Dish Recipe

Item Wise Consumption

Item Wastage/Damage Report

Kitchen Costing

Menu-Item Analysis(Raw material consumption on basis of recipe)

Daily Cost Report (fetches sales data from POS)



Reorder Reports,

Stock in Hand Report

Stock Item Type Wise, Dish Costing (as per Sale)

Kitchen Costing, Item - Dish Report

Receipts, Issue to Department

Total Issue, Item Ledger

Store Ledger, Store Ledge (Item Type Wise)

Vendor Wise Purchase

Cumulative Purchase / Issue Detail

Cumulative Purchase / Issue Summary

Material Receipt Note

Cumulative Issue, ABC Report

Cumulative Party Wise Purchase

Dish Costing

Supply Chain Management

(Single/ Multiple Stores / Central Kitchens)

Data analytics / mining & sales estimation

Purchase, goods receipt, transfer & goods return management

Live stock status, stock opening / closing / adjustment

Production planning, manufacturing via recipe & processes

Food cost, yield & consumption, wastage pilferage & variance tracking

Centralized master creations based on user access control


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Inventory Items Managed

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Recipes created

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