Successful restaurants cater to their customers. They go out of their way to provide exceptional service, quality food and superb experiences that increase customer loyalty with the likelihood to return. But restaurants don’t deliver five star experiences on their own – they look to their customers for guidance. With the help of a customer feedback program, restaurants can get a better understanding of their customers. Feedback programs allow them to:

Mink Foodiee customer feedback solution empowers restaurants to effectively and efficiently gather customer insights. By continuously collecting feedback , restaurants can stay back in touch with customers , analyze trends , attract new customers and increasing existing customers loyalty. But ultimately , its all about the repeat business.

What's in it for you?


Gain actionable insight on what drives satisfaction and loyalty


Uncover gaps between customers' wants and restaurant offerings

Table Reservation

Collect immediate feedback by adding a QR for your survey to a receipt


Tackle problems as they arise with the help of email alerts

Fully engaged customers make 56% more visits per month than actively disengaged customers do


On-premises & Kiosk feedback

Set up iPad or Android Tablet as a Kiosk to take customer feedback or hand it over to get in-person, real-time customer feedback.


Periodic Email & SMS surveys

Send periodic email surveys or SMS surveys to customers to get their feedback after or before their purchase for increasing client satisfaction.Get feedback through online survey links and embed surveys on your website. Send Email Surveys or SMS Surveys from Mink Foodiee or via APIs.


Respond in Real Time Don't Delay

Manage customer feedback with instant responses to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction levels. Keep it quick with our smart auto responses or go the full distance with customized personal engagement

How it Works


Each client is our success story

500 +

Plus Feedback handled

500 +

Customer Database Management

500 +

Manual and Automated Feedbacks.

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