Social Media

Spend more time connecting with the people who matter most with time-saving tools that
help you prioritize your social interactions.


Integrate social media into your entire
marketing strategy

Engage With Customers Across Social Media

Use social media to learn about your customers. Acquire new customers, engage existing customers and build brand advocates by understanding who they are as individuals and how to engage them using polls, sweepstakes, referrals programs, and more.


Let Your Customers Get The Word Out

Build your brand's social network by making it easy for customers to share your content with their professional networks, friends, and family using built-in social media sharing buttons and shareable videos.

Focus Investment On Social That Delivers Impact

See how social marketing activity drives conversions and revenue. Easily integrate social metrics into your marketing reports to ensure your social investment is laser focused on activities that drive ROI.


Increase Form Conversions With Social Sign On

Make it easy for visitors to fill in your website and landing page forms by using their social media profiles. Capture richer data on your customers to improve internal routing and segmentation for future campaigns.

Personalize Your Social Ads

Increase your ROI with personalized social ads. With our Ad Bridge offering, you can connect your rich customer behavioral data in the Audience Hub to Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and other ad platforms to create more personal messages based on customer interests, intent, overall engagement, and more.


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