Staff Management & Scheduling

Whether in the front or the back of house, your staff determine the experience of your customers - and your bottom line. Sadly, managing staff schedules and tracking labor cost is no easy task.

So what did we do? We put our own staff to work for you, and now Mink Foodiee makes it easier than ever to manage, track, measure, schedule, and enable your staff's success.

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Track Activity

Track Activity

View clock-ins, clock-outs, and staff activity with the staff punchclock

Manage Employees

Manage Employees

Maintain payroll details and personalize accounts with employee-specific settings

Communicate Easily

Communicate Easily

Empower front and back of house communication with simple, integrated, in-app messaging

More Features

Staff Management & Scheduling


  • Customize the POS per employee:
    • Right or left-handed mode
    • Dark and light mode
  • Log in or out of the POS with a PIN or QR code
  • Associate specific wages with each staff member’s roles
    • Assign multiple roles to each individual staff member
    • Add staff discounts for each staff member


  • Set manager override on voids and discounts
  • Restrict certain actions to certain staff types (e.g., payouts, item deletion, etc.)
  • Lock waiters to sections and tables
  • Adjust valid clock-in and clock-out times for staff shifts

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