Mink Fodiee Tiffin service is Tricity's first food-commerce which allows you to order delicious home-style food in a convenient manner.We have partnered with home-makers in Tricity who love to cook & serve. The food is prepared in their very own houses, they put in all the effort to make the food fresh, hot, healthy & hygienic, and we deliver their efforts to you in a neatly packed meal box.We absorb skillful home cooks from the locality into our network, and thereby enable them to make a daily chore a source of financial stability. Currently, our network of home cooks is over 100 people strong and is spread over two cities – Chandigarh and Panchkula. In our endeavor to make homemade food more accessible, Mink Foodie Tiffin service hopes to empower homemakers while making all natural, homely meals and delicacies available at doorsteps across the country.

WHY CHOOSE Tiffin services from Mink Foodiee?


Stress-free planning

No need to order food every day, choose your meal plan and set your preferences just once


No more grocery shopping

Put an end to those frequent trips to the grocery store and standing in line at supermarkets


No need to hire a cook

Enjoy delicious home-cooked meals, delivered fresh straight from local home kitchens to your table


Irresistibly delicious

Our food is not only nutritious and free from additives and preservatives but also mouth-watering delicious


Who doesn't want to expand their customers and penetrate deeper into the market?

Proper management is paramount for customer satisfaction.

List your Tiffin center with us to be recognized all over India.

With the aid of our expertise, conventional technology and skilled professionals you can take your services and standards a top-notch higher.

Our management system includes a comprehensive interface wherein you can manage simple orders as well as monthly subscriptions.

You can add monthly plans, numerous customers, their database along with the dates when their subscription ends.

Customize your Tiffin or Meal with our predetermined menus to avoid wastage of food.

Choose the best delivery time and select your appropriate location, Choose your Monthly or Weekly plan and pay online.

Tiffin seller


Track of The Bill Records

If you provide tiffin service and you are tired of keeping track of the bill records for each customer then this software is for you.


Traditional Pen-Paper

You can get rid of the traditional pen-paper method and get digital.


User Interface

Mink Foodiee Tiffin provides you a simple and easy to use user interface and reliable mechanism to store your tiffin related data.


Payment Records.

You can add all your customers, add tiffin record for each of them for each day and time of day, generate a bill and keep payment records.


Send Bill

You can send a bill to a user via WhatsApp, hike, messenger or SMS message service.

Each client is our success story

20 +

Tiffin Vendors registered

250 +

Tiffins served

100 +

Meal Plans

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