What can you do with Mink Foodiee POS?

An all in one restaurant POS system

Restaurant Activity Tracker

You don't have to be in the restaurant to know what's going on. Track your restaurant's activities online anytime, anywhere!

Real-time Analytics

Check order status, track food preferences, get instant feedback and do a lot more.

Tableside Ordering

Increase staff efficiency and reduce errors by giving your staff the flexibility of being mobile friendly.

Menu Modifier

Add or remove a food item and change prices in your menu anytime you want.

Smart Seating

Split or join seats as per customer's demands and settle bill seat wise smoothly and swiftly.

Staff Management

Manage your staff better by tracking the attendance, activities and more online.

Daily Reports

Analyse your restaurant's performance with daily reports in the form of bar charts.

Staff Profile

Customise staff profiles in seconds with unique permission and access levels such as waiters, cooks, bartenders and more.

Broadcast Message

Let your customers know what special you are offering as they come in your restaurant's vicinity.

In-house Ordering

Let your customers order for themselves with simple taps on their mobile screen.

Customer Content

Manage your relationship better with customers with unique ways of interaction and service.

Queue Manager

Allow easy entry to your customers inside the restaurant with instant queue updates.

Table Reservation

Feature your tables for advance booking with multiple options such as order schedule.

Bar Exchange

Lessen the rush at bar by letting customers order drinks directly from the app.

Inventory Check

Keep a track of inventory and enjoy smooth sales operation.

Online Payments

Make payments seamless with exclusive features like Split Bill apart from Digital Wallet Support and payment message link.

Quick Integration

Integrate your POS with different devices to make the most out of it.

Happy Hour Deals

Customise your Happy Hour deals by item, day and time. Prices are adjusted and reset automatically as per the deal status.

A Comprehensive Restaurant Management System

Mink Foodiee POS is designed to address and resolve all your restaurant worries with unique online solutions. We cater you a speedy and secured way to access and manage your restaurant's activities even from a remote location. Taking care of your burdens, we help you focus better on customers. Add a happy face to your customer base every hour only with Mink Foodiee POS.

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