What can you do with Mink Foodiee POS?

An all in one restaurant POS system

Restaurant Activity Tracker

You don't have to be in the restaurant to know what's going on. Track your restaurant's activities online anytime, anywhere!

Real-time Analytics

Check order status, track food preferences, get instant feedback and do a lot more.

In House Ordering

Increase staff efficiency and reduce errors by giving your staff the flexibility of being mobile friendly.

Menu Modifier

Add or remove a food item and change prices in your menu anytime you want.

Fine Dine

Split or join seats as per customer's demands and settle bill seat wise smoothly and swiftly.

Staff Management

Manage your staff better by tracking the attendance, activities and more online.

Daily Reports

Analyse your restaurant's performance with daily reports in the form of bar charts.

Staff Profile

Customise staff profiles in seconds with unique permission and access levels assigned to waiters, cooks, bartenders and more.

Broadcast Message

Let your customers about your special offers as they come in your restaurant's vicinity.

Kiosk Ordering

Let your customers order for themselves with simple taps on their mobile screen.

Customer Relations

Manage your relationship better with customers with unique ways of interaction and service.

Queue Manager

Allow easy entry to your customers inside the restaurant with instant queue updates.

Table Reservation

Feature your tables for advance booking with multiple options such as order schedule.

Bar Exchange

Lessen the rush at bar by letting customers order drinks directly from the app.

Inventory Check

Keep a track of inventory and enjoy smooth sales operation.

Online Payments

Make payments seamless with exclusive features like Split Bill apart from Digital Wallet Support and payment message link.

Quick Integration

Integrate your POS with different devices to make the most out of it.

Happy Hour Deals

Customise your Happy Hour deals by item, day and time. Prices are adjusted and reset automatically as per the deal status.


From Restaurant Management to Operations, Mink Foodiee provides all the products and features to efficiently run your restaurant business.

Here's how does Mink Foodiee Point-of-Sale Software actually help you to run your business effectively and efficiently


  • Cloud based accessibility and data saving for 0% Data loss or Theft. So no need of physical servers or data space
  • Employee access is defined by the owner based on their roles.
  • Table and order allocation to staff for performance tracking.
  • Separate Kitchen, Bar and Manager’s counter displays for integrated and smooth operations
  • Multiple type of order management - Table orders, Counter Sale, Take-away and Home Deliveries along with third-party order recording
  • Real-time updates via SMS and Email for Voids and cancellations.
  • Food item performance reports
  • Customisable software setup so that our system works for you, not the other way around
  • Hardware and Networking assistance also provided.


  • Apart from standard bill settlement option including No-Charge and Full complementary, you can add your preferred payment methods as well for any online wallet or deals promotions
  • Denomination recording along with advance cash management on orders
  • All order reports come with details Item sale records of No-charge, Complementary or discount given on item
  • Hourly based reports to understand which item is most preferred and which items can be combined together
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  • Automatic customer database creation with anniversary and birthday updates on each order
  • Customer order history records with previous balance recordings as well
  • Feedback and Loyalty system for new and regular customers with Email and SMS broadcast
  • Customer's last ordered and preferred order tracking.
  • Customer Queue management to replace the manual customer entry logs which is updated and synced with POS Database
  • Bill sharing via SMS and Email along with real-time order updates.
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The dynamic nature of your restaurant demands quick and smart actions for its growth. With Mink Foodiee in-depth reporting and analytics, view real-time reports from anywhere, anytime, and make quick data-driven decisions for your restaurant.


Take a complete control of multiple restaurant outlets from one place. Mink Foodiee Master control helps you keep a track of all your restaurants and manage them from one Central POS.


Total revenue restaurant wise


Orders Details restaurant wise


Supply Chain Management


Access Control


Customer Data of all the outlets


Mink Foodiee provides powerful integrations with the most popular platforms needed for the smooth functioning of your restaurant.



Cloud Based

All your data is on the cloud.


Support All Hardware

Works seamlessly on hardware of all configurations.


Work Offline and Online

The billing does not stop even when the Internet goes off.


Data Security

Being on cloud all your data is secure. You never lose data.


24X7 Support

Our support team is available whenever you need them.


Easy to Use

An easy to use interface and absolutely no training is required for your staff to start the billing at the outlet.


Theft Control

All voids & offers are permission based and a complete history is maintained


100% Uptime Guaranteed

Cloud says 99.99% uptime, we say we do work offline

How it Works


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